Coloring Your Hair at Home For the First Time? 6 Editors Share Their Experiences


We’ve partnered with Clairol to prep you for your foray into at-home color treatments. Coloring your hair at home is tricky business. Between picking a high-quality color, like Clairol Nice ‘n Easy, and ensuring you’re not making a mess, it

I Just Realized I've Been KonMari-ing My Beauty Stash All Along


We’ve partnered with POPSUGAR Must Have to bring you the best-curated brands and products for the ultimate surprise delivery every month. I’m a textbook minimalist, both in aesthetic and in practice. From my wardrobe to my home design and even

The Easiest $200 You'll Ever Make


Calling all beauty enthusiasts — we want to hear from you! Take our short survey — we promise it won’t take long — and at the end, you can enter for a chance to win a $200 gift card. So

Spice Up Your Sexy Schoolgirl Costume With This Bloody Impressive Makeup Tutorial


Want to turn heads at this year’s Halloween party? Look no further than this bloody amazing special-effects makeup tutorial by makeup artist Ellinor Rosander, known on YouTube as Ellimacs. She kicks the sexy Britney Spears-esque schoolgirl look up a notch

You'll Love This Fresh Take on Halloween Cat Makeup


Going as a sleek and sophisticated kitty for Halloween? We’ve got just the tutorial for you. Break away from the litter this year and go beyond an average cat eye and whiskers. Our favorite beauty maven Lo Bosworth showed us

Watch a Woman Get Transformed Into a Kardashian in 3 Minutes


We know the Kardashian Pretty Committee is essentially a traveling squad of makeup artists and hairstylists, dedicated to getting the girls glam. They have a huge following of their own: each pro has at least 100K followers on Instagram, proving

Change Your Frames, Change Your Look

There are two ways to reinvent your “look” for the impending season. The first, most straightforward option is to torch your existing wardrobe and set out rebuilding it, pant leg by pant leg and navy crewneck sweater by slighty different

Can Pimples in the "Danger Triangle" Really Kill You? An Investigation


As much as I am ashamed to admit it, I still compulsively pick at my skin. Nothing — from Post-it notes to throwing out our magnifying mirror — has stopped me from clawing at my complexion. That is, until I

Skip a Skin Scare by Avoiding These Halloween Makeup Products


As a woman who loves Halloween more than Christmas, my skin has seen its fair share of horrifying moments. From prosthetics to cream makeup and everything in between, if it helps create the character I’m going for, I’m probably going

The Biggest and Best Green Beauty Awards Of All Time


All About The Biggest Best-Of (Green) Beauty Awards In the History of Time! Now that’s a dramatic headline, isn’t it? Well, it should be – because I’m bursting at the seams! If you want to see an incredible assortment of

Skip the Lip Balm! Plus 4 Other Matte Makeup Tricks


Matte lipstick. Matte top coats. And now matte hair texture! Matte isn’t going anywhere, and thank goodness — we’ve bought enough liquid lipsticks to last us for the next 20 years. It seems like everyone has a rule for matte

The Fall Nail Color Menu

It’s almost November—do you know where your fall manicure is? The answer is just after this line break. Team ITG poured over every shade of ruddy eggplant, pumpkin spice latte, and gently billowing harvest leaf in order to find the

This New 3D Tool Will Help Prevent Women From Going Overboard With Fillers or Botox


While we think there is a lot of beauty in aging naturally — and many noninvasive ways to treat fine lines and wrinkles — quite a few people consider getting Botox or dermal fillers. But as you scroll through your

Kylie Jenner: "No, I Didn’t" Get Cheek and Jaw Reconstruction Surgery


We hate to say this, but when it comes to Kylie Jenner and cosmetic surgery rumors, it’s difficult to know what the truth really is. A few years ago she initially denied getting lip injections, claiming her voluptuous pout was

Cure Your Skin Care Woes and Pumpkin Cravings With a DIY Face Mask


It’s officially pumpkin season! Sure, you’re already hooked on pumpkin spice lattes and have made a date in your calendar to find the perfect jack o’lantern, but are you aware of the benefits that this iconic squash can provide to

These Harry Potter-Inspired Makeup Brushes Are Magic Wands For Your Face


Your makeup brushes are about to get a magical Harry Potter makeover! Instagram account storybookcosmetics is creating five makeup application brushes with handles inspired by wands from the cult fiction series. They’re going viral on Reddit with comments like “I

Why Microdermabrasions Are the Best Exfoliating Treatments For Your Skin


I am a really boring beauty editor. I don’t get Botox, fillers, or any fancy cosmetic dermatology treatments (sorry, I can’t give your mom a first-hand account of Fraxel). My hair is virgin, meaning I’ve never colored it. And my

This 3-Product DIY Face Mask With Egg Whites Will Give You Clear Skin


The first thing I think about when I wake up on a Saturday morning is eggs. Before you start making brunch, you may want to save a few eggs for a DIY face mask. According to celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas,

Pro Makeup Secrets For Flawless Makeup Application


If you missed, or didn’t have time to sit through, all the Facebook Live videos I did while at New York Fashion Week this past season, not to worry! I created a video “Pro Makeup Secrets For Flawless Makeup Application”

Is Retinol the Answer to All of Your Complexion Concerns?


To many skin care-obsessed women, retinol is considered liquid gold. It’s known as a superb antiaging product because of its ability to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, but this ingredient can actually do much more. A great retinol product will